Is It Time To Buy a Condo?

Like many baby boomers, you may be experiencing empty nest at home. Your kids have all moved out, gone to college, or have started families of their own. Suddenly your big house feels empty and there are rooms that remain untouched for weeks at a time. There could be many mixed feelings about leaving the family home in the past, but here are five reasons why it might be time to buy a condo in Ottawa.

Too Much Space

You complain about having to clean rooms that haven’t seen visitors in a long time. Dust bunnies have overtaken the third and fourth bedrooms and the basement bathroom hasn’t been used in months. Suddenly checking to see what’s going on in unused rooms around your house has become a full-time job.

Excessive Energy Bills

Energy costs are high enough just for necessary rooms, but if you are paying to heat and cool rooms that are not even in regular use, your bills are going to continue to skyrocket.

Yard Work is Being Left Undone

The beautiful and spacious yard where all of your children had their first steps has now become an overgrown forest of weeds. Keeping the yard pristine is no longer a top priority. You would much rather enjoy a lemonade sitting in a comfortable chair on your back deck instead of pushing a lawn mower and weeding dandelions.

You Go to Other People’s Homes for Dinners

Christmas and Thanksgiving used to be at your house when your kids lived with you, but now they have houses of their own and want to start hosting the big events at their place. When the dining room was being used in your house multiple times a year by a large group of guests, it made sense to have a table for 12. But now that your kids have taken the reins on the big gatherings, it may be time to decrease the amount of seating necessary for the present time.

You are Hardly Ever There

If you have reached a point in your life where you can go on vacation whenever you like, then your house may be left empty for long periods of time. No matter how attentive your neighbors are, there is always the chance that disaster could strike inside the house while you’re away. It would be much nicer to simply lock your condo door and know that any major disasters will likely be detected by the other occupants of the condo building. Leaving for weeks or months at a time is no concern at all.

Condo living is an amazing rebirth for yourself. Enjoy the next stage of life without the constant upkeep of a big old house. Qualicum Woods Crossing features the best value and best priced condos in Ottawa. Get your copy of our e-brocure, Condo 101 Top Buying Tips!

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