What to Look for in an Investment Property Condo

Buying investment property continues to be one of the most favourable (and profitable) ways to invest for many people. But in order for that property to benefit you, it must be a property that will help to secure your financial future. Selecting the right type of property is essential, because without all the proper ingredients, the investment may not help you reach your long-term financial goals, such as paying for retirement, education, or vacations. That’s why there are certain factors that you should always look for in order to feel confident about your real estate investment.

If you’re interested in an investment property condo, here are the important factors to ensure are present in order to provide more stability and security to your financial future.



A great location is so important that it outweighs just about anything else. If the walls are crumbling and some renovations may be required – so be it. That superficial stuff can be altered, fixed, and improved. But the location will always remain the same. So choosing a profitable condo is all about what surrounds it.

Areas that are (or will be) in high demand will encompass such elements as colleges, hospitals, thriving businesses, and of course, transportation that will help to attract a variety of potential buyers that require these facilities for their work and education, such as nurses and professors. Qualicum Woods Crossing is located close to many prime employment spots, such as Queensway Carleton Hospital, Algonquin College, and many federal government buildings. It is located close to both the 417 and 416 highways for easy access around the city, and close to multiple OC Transpo hubs as well.


Modern Design

Sharp, clean, modern interiors, décor and designs are a must for creating value from a property. No new homeowner wants to walk into a condo and feel the need to conduct a huge overall just to get it up-to-date with designer trends now. Energy efficient appliances, modern fixtures – these are the simple features that can add up to a lot when the time comes for you to cash in.


Great Amenities

Locations that are in high demand, of course must include some great amenities as well. More than ever, society and modern homebuyers are seeking a life of convenience and ease. That means being able to walk or take a quick drive to the grocery store, restaurants, pubs and cafés. A condo property that’s located in close proximity to some of these types of great amenities will be a major factor that will be worth your investment. Qualicum Woods Crossing is at the heart of West Ottawa, close to Bayshore, Pinecrest, and College Square for all your shopping and entertainment needs.


Welcoming Community

Meeting new people and feeling welcomed into a community is something that isn’t too common nowadays with the booming urban lifestyle. So when there is a community that is welcoming, inviting and social, it can speaks volumes for creating a truly profitable investment. Social gatherings, BBQs, and getting to actually know your neighbours – it’s a rare feature that would make any property stand out amongst the crowd.


Great Price

Of course, the price has to be right. Affordability is always an important factor to consider and one that can simply make or break a potential investment, no matter how great it may be.

At Qualicum Woods, you can bet that our condos entail all these great features and more. So if you’re serious about finding the perfect investment condo property, come speak with a representative today.

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