5 New Year’s Resolutions For Condo Owners

Looking for a New Year’s resolution for your condo? Let’s take a moment to review five New Year’s resolutions you can use to improve the quality and care of your Qualicum Woods condo going forward into 2016.

Balcony Use & Care

Apartment and condo owners often ignore their balcony. Don’t let another year go by without taking a look at your balcony. Do any structural work like fixing railing and cracks. Have a professional come over and diagnose any problems that they may see. This will give you a good idea of what needs to change and what may be a problem in the future. Remember, anything you fix now will cost far less than if you let it get worse.


Steam Clean Carpets

Condo carpets are another aspect of condo care that goes ignored. For your New Year’s resolution, consider renting a carpet steam cleaner. A steam cleaner will dig deep in the carpet fibres and suck up dirt and dust that a regular household vacuum cannot reach. This is an especially good idea if you own a condo unit as an investment property and want to give it a quick refresh.


Consider Replacing Appliances

Replacing appliances in a condo can be a huge hassle. Many condos are located above the first floor, making it a real challenge to move appliances in or out. Fortunately when you buy new appliances most vendors will pick up the old appliance. Now is the time to shop for energy-efficient models to save you money on utilities. Added bonus, energy-efficient appliances are better for the environment. If you rent out your condo, brand new appliances will also help attract desirable tenants.


Re-Evaluate Appeal

Do you rent your condo out to people? What is the appeal of your condo and how do you market it? Every year expectations change. Make sure you are marketing your condo the right way now and into the future. See what other people are doing, the kind of people they are targeting, and their success. Re-evaluating the appeal of your condo is a great way to get better tenants and even charge more then you were before.


Plan Out Next Year

What are your goals and aspirations for 2016? For example if you hope to travel, there are small changes you can make to your condo that contribute to this goal. For example, switching to LED lightbulbs can save hundreds of dollars yearly, savings that you can put toward your vacation fund. Or if you plan to host a holiday dinner next year, now is the perfect time to shop for decorations at a massive discount.

Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Ottawa Condo

If you want to make your condo a more festive place this holiday season, you’ll appreciate our holiday decorating tips for your condo in Ottawa. Since condos are typically smaller than houses, space should be optimized in order to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Whether you’re planning dinner parties or lots of “chill time” with family and friends, you’ll find that decorating your condo with care is the secret of making everyone feel jubilant and comfortable.

Without further ado, let’s look at some wonderful holiday decorating tips for your Qualicum Woods Crossing condo:

How to Deck the Halls

Of course, you will want to add holiday decorations. However, you should scale these decorations in order to suit the dimensions of your space. For example, if your home is compact, and you are planning on a Christmas tree you should consider a smaller size that doesn’t eat up tons of floor space.

As well, be aware that wall decorations may make your home look smaller. If you’re shopping for decorations, go for smaller shapes and sizes in order to keep your home looking as spacious as possible. Decorating to the scale of your space will be one of the keys to getting a tasteful and appealing look.

Open Up Space for Entertaining

Most people entertain at least once during the winter holiday season. If you’re planning a holiday bash, count up your guests and then think about seating. Everyone will need somewhere to sit while they have a cocktail and chat. As well, if you’ll be serving dinner, you may need to create a dining area that includes rented or borrowed tables, as your current dining setup may not be adequate. Even folding-style tables will look elegant when they are covered in festive tablecloths and adorned with bowls of fresh flowers.

Some people convert their living rooms into dining rooms and this is one practical option to consider. By storing extra furniture in a bedroom or storage locker, you’ll open up space in your living room and give guests a place to mingle.

Use Aromatherapy to Create Ambience

Scented candles and/or holiday-themed room air fresheners will allow you to create a festive ambience instantly. Candles may be fire hazards, so be sure to be careful where they are placed. Essential oil diffusers will disperse scents without hazards, as will air freshener sprays. Adding a little delicious scent should help to set the mood – however, you may wish to inquire if any of your guests have allergies before you use this tip.

Now that you know three ways to decorate your condo for the holidays, you’ll be ready to deck the halls and to welcome guests to a truly inviting space. Without the right decorations and layout, your condo may not provide the comfort, space and visual appeal that you would like.

If you’re on a budget, make your own decorations or find budget decorations. Borrow folding tables from friends and hit up the dollar store. It’s always wise to live within your means during this expensive time of the year. Staying on budget will ensure that you aren’t stressing about cash when you should be feeling merry and bright.

We wish you a warm and happy holiday season at Qualicum Woods Crossing!


Holiday Shopping Around Qualicum Woods Crossing

It’s that time of the year again! The temperature is dipping, the snow has started, and the Christmas songs have been added to radio playlists. With these changes also comes the rush to find the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones. Thankfully, if you live at Qualicum Woods Crossing, all your shopping needs are right around the corner. Here is our Holiday Shopping Guide for Qualicum Woods Crossing residents.


Office Secret Santa


The perfect present for the office gift exchange can be found at the LCBO at College Square at 1363 Woodroffe Ave. We could all use a refreshing pick-me-up during the holidays, so here are a few great choices we recommend. Black Tower Pink Bubbly Christmas Edition is a delicious foamy, bubbly treat with the aroma of pink grapefruit, white flower and citrus pith. For the beer drinker in the office, you should grab them a 750ml bottle of St. Bernadus Christmas Ale. This brew is full-bodied, pleasantly carbonated and tastes of holiday spice cake.


Teenage Daughter or Niece


Shopping for your teenage daughter or niece can be tricky. It’s hard to know what is “in” these days, so we like to defer to the experts. Head on over to Bayshore Mall at 100 Bayshore Drive and visit one of their many trendy clothing stores. You can visit a clothing store like Aerie, Le Chateau or Garage and ask an expert about what to buy. You could also visit Sephora or The Body Shop if you’d prefer to purchase make-up or soaps. Whatever it is you decide to buy, you will find it at Bayshore Shopping Centre.




You can’t forget about decorating the inside of your Qualicum Woods Condo. We understand that you’d rather spend your money on others, so you can find affordable decorations close-by at the Walmart at Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre, 1350 Richmond Rd. You can find everything you need here, from wreaths to lights, and snow globes to wrapping paper. This is your one stop shop for decorating on a budget. If you want something handmade, every weekend there is a new craft fair or Christmas market calling your name!


Tired of Shopping?


You may not have travelled far to get your holiday shopping done, but it can still be quite taxing. Why not rest for a spell at the Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery located at 2750A Iris Street? Have someone else take care of you for a few hours. Enjoy one of their delicious menu items while sampling a Big Rig Gold, Big Rig Rideau Red, or a Big Rig Seasonal beer, along with a classic burger. Reward yourself for getting your shopping done by being served and treated to one of the best restaurants in town.


If you’re shopping for a new Ottawa condo, it’s clear that Qualicum Woods Crossing is the place to be. We wish you and yours a warm and happy holiday season!


Why Algonquin College Students Love Qualicum Woods Crossing

If you are planning on attending Algonquin College in the near future, you are probably wondering if you should stay in a dorm, rent an apartment, or take the long trek from your parents’ house. Here is an option that you may not have considered: buying a condo! Qualicum Woods Crossing is getting a lot of love from Algonquin College, and here are the reasons why:

Algonquin College is just down the road

Qualicum Woods is located near the major intersection of Baseline Road and Greenbank Road. This makes getting to Algonquin College just a short trip down Baseline on the 118 OC Transpo bus. It’s close enough that you could easily bike to school too, in the warmer months of course!

All your student needs are covered

Located in the heart of West Ottawa, Qualicum Woods is just a stone’s throw away from anything a student may need. If you are looking to furnish your condo on a budget, IKEA is a short drive (or bus!) away. The newly renovated Bayshore Shopping Centre is close by and can cover all your back-to-school clothing and shopping needs. There are a number of grocery stores nearby, including a giant Loblaws at College Square and a Metro south down Greenbank.


Qualicum Woods boasts game-changing amenities

Between the fitness centre, theatre, games room and kitchen/lounges, there will always be something to do and people to hang out with. The games room offers pool, foosball, darts and even a big screen TV. Have your classmates come over to the watch the Sens game after a long day of classes. If studying for exams is taking a toll and you need to unwind, an hour in the fitness centre followed by sometime in the sauna might just be what the doctor ordered.


Live for less than rent

If the previous reasons weren’t enough, you’d be amazed to know that living in a Qualicum Woods Crossing condo can cost less than renting an apartment! Whether you are going back to Algonquin College after some time in the workforce, or if you are fresh out of high school, you could purchase a Qualicum Woods Crossing condo and pay less than you would per month in rent somewhere else.

If you have any questions about buying a condo or are interested in taking a look at a model suite, you should contact a Qualicum Woods Crossing representative at [email protected] today!

4 Signs Condo Living Is Right for You

Are you tired of paying rent to someone else? Have you been saving money living at home and are now looking for your own place? Do you want to own your own place but dread the thought of back-breaking home maintenance? If you fall into these categories, it might be time to seriously consider purchasing a condo in Ottawa. Here are four signs that condo living may be right for you!

You don’t want to mow the lawn

Not every potential homebuyer wants to invest the time and energy needed for free-hold home maintenance and upkeep. Chores like cutting the lawn, washing the exterior and raking the leaves are things some people may want no part of. Avoiding these chores is one of the many perks of owning a condo. When you own a condo at Qualicum Woods Crossing, you pay a reasonable maintenance fee so the pros can take care of all the upkeep, repairs, and maintenance while you sit back and relax.

You want to pay less

If you are seeking to purchase a home, but you are on a tight budget, you may be better off looking for a condo as opposed to a house. You are more likely to find an affordable condo in Ottawa that meets your needs, as opposed to an affordable house. Not to mention that Qualicum Woods Crossing condos are available to purchase now, starting as low as $199,900!

You are a social person

Living in a condo means that you will be living in close proximity with other people in similar situations. This means you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with your neighbours. Qualicum Woods Crossing features amenities like a games room, fitness centre, and a theatre, giving you lots of opportunities to meet and hang out with your neighbours and friends.

You want to live in a great neighbourhood

If you are determined to live in a great neighbourhood, you should definitely consider buying a condo. Condos are typically located in exciting and convenient locations, in good, healthy neighbourhoods with like-minded people. If location is a deal breaker for you, you should consider moving from house-hunting to condo-searching.

If one or more of these criteria fit your situation, you should definitely consider purchasing a condo. Ottawa offers a number of excellent condo options, but none are better than Qualicum Woods Crossing. For more information on these amazing condos, or to take a look at a model suite, contact [email protected] today!

The Advantages of Resort-Style Living

Qualicum Woods Crossing is the premiere low-rise condo and terrace home development in Ottawa’s west end. Conveniently nestled between the 416 and 417 highways with close access to some of the city’s best schools, parks, and shops, this development was designed with a vision of being Ottawa’s most affordable resort-style community.

Destress & Unwind

Your days of being overworked and overstressed are over. All it takes is a walk through the transformative natural space of Qualicum Woods to feel refreshed and recharged in an instant. Take a relaxing stroll through the lush and green Central Park, pause for reflection at the Zen Falls, contemplate life’s journey at the Dharma Pond, and enjoy the scenic view from one of the park’s four walking bridges. Practice Tai Chi on the patio stage or melt your concerns away in the sauna. From sunny summer days and brisk fall evenings to winter walks upon a blanket of snow and spring strolls in the fragrant air, Central Park is your headquarters to destress all year round.

Work-Life Balance

Whether you toil daily to put food on the table, cram all night in preparation for the next exam, or work from home, everyone needs to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Resort-style living is all about tipping the scales in favour of relaxation and play after a hard day’s work. Nothing says “welcome home” like catching a performance at Amphitheatre Hill, honing your bocce ball skills on the pitch court, or catching the next great blockbuster at the private theatre. Cheer on the Ottawa Senators on the big screen TV in the games room, pump iron in the fully equipped fitness centre, or cook up a flavourful feast on the barbeque patio. Recharge so you can tackle the next big project with vigour tomorrow.

Tight-Knit Community

Single family detached homes, while an aspiration for many, can be quite isolating at times. When you purchase one of the new condos in Ottawa at Qualicum Woods, you are instantly welcomed into a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals. For single women and men, students, young professionals, young couples, and those looking to downsize, you’ll find that the resort-style living of this community has everything you need. In addition to the modern suites and incredible amenities, the friendly neighbours and helpful staff combine to make this a true community where a feeling of hospitality and belonging permeates.

To learn more about why Qualicum Crossing should be your choice among new condos in Ottawa, contact us at 613.693.0808 to speak with a friendly member of our sales team or email us at [email protected].

What Makes Qualicum Woods Crossing a Great Place to Live?

Are you single and looking to live in a safe and friendly community? A young couple looking to start your new life together in a comfortable and contemporary townhome? Are you looking to downsize from your empty nest? If you’re looking for condos for sale in Ottawa, there’s no doubt that Qualicum Woods Crossing is a great place to live no matter your situation or lifestyle. Let’s explore the many benefits of living in Ottawa’s premiere west-end low-rise development:

Grow West

Ottawa is one of Canada’s shining lights. Not only it is a beautiful and culturally vibrant city, but economists predict that it will be the most advanced economic city in the country in the coming years. Qualicum Woods Crossing rests at the heart of Ottawa’s west end, a vibrant community with a mixture of green space, shopping centres, schools, and parks. IKEA, Bridgehead Coffee, Starbucks, and Chapters are all nearby. Qualicum Woods is located near the juncture of highways 417 and 416, ensuring quick and convenient access to the entire National Capital Region.

Stunning Interior Design

In addition to the lush and natural grounds of the community, the condominium homes and terrace homes of Qualicum Woods are just as remarkable on the interior. Despite the unbeatable price of the suites, the motto of “living well” permeates throughout the space. With abundant natural light, green views, nature-inspired colour palettes, sleek standard finishes and smart design, nothing compares. These suites combine a tasteful balance of modern and traditional, with an emphasis on flow.

Peaceful Urban Village

Lavish living at an affordable price might sound too good to be true, but it’s a reality at Qualicum Woods Crossing. Designed as an intimate resort community, amenities include two large lounge rooms with fireplaces and two large terraces and kitchens for family gatherings and parties. Stay active at the fully equipped fitness centre, test your mettle in the games room, unwind in the sauna, and cook up delights in the barbeque area. The crown jewel of Qualicum Woods is surely the central park, which features Zen Falls, four bridges, a spring grove, the Dharma pond, patio stage, BBQ deck, and so much more.

Incredible Introductory Condominium Pricing

Did you know that you can live for less than the price of rent when you purchase a Qualicum Woods condominium? In fact, the development team guarantees the best value and the best price, or they’ll pay the difference (some conditions apply). Suite prices start as low as $199,900, and you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to live in this warm and inviting community.

When it comes to condos for sale in Ottawa, Qualicum Woods Crossing is the clear favourite. Contact the friendly and knowledgeable sales team at 613.693.0808 or [email protected] to learn more.