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What to Look for in an Investment Property Condo

Buying investment property continues to be one of the most favourable (and profitable) ways to invest for many people. But in order for that property to benefit you, it must be a property that will help to secure your financial future. Selecting the right type of property is essential, because without all the proper ingredients, the investment may not help you reach your long-term financial goals, such as paying for retirement, education, or vacations. That’s why there are certain factors that you should always look for in order to feel confident about your real estate investment.

If you’re interested in an investment property condo, here are the important factors to ensure are present in order to provide more stability and security to your financial future.



A great location is so important that it outweighs just about anything else. If the walls are crumbling and some renovations may be required – so be it. That superficial stuff can be altered, fixed, and improved. But the location will always remain the same. So choosing a profitable condo is all about what surrounds it.

Areas that are (or will be) in high demand will encompass such elements as colleges, hospitals, thriving businesses, and of course, transportation that will help to attract a variety of potential buyers that require these facilities for their work and education, such as nurses and professors. Qualicum Woods Crossing is located close to many prime employment spots, such as Queensway Carleton Hospital, Algonquin College, and many federal government buildings. It is located close to both the 417 and 416 highways for easy access around the city, and close to multiple OC Transpo hubs as well.


Modern Design

Sharp, clean, modern interiors, décor and designs are a must for creating value from a property. No new homeowner wants to walk into a condo and feel the need to conduct a huge overall just to get it up-to-date with designer trends now. Energy efficient appliances, modern fixtures – these are the simple features that can add up to a lot when the time comes for you to cash in.


Great Amenities

Locations that are in high demand, of course must include some great amenities as well. More than ever, society and modern homebuyers are seeking a life of convenience and ease. That means being able to walk or take a quick drive to the grocery store, restaurants, pubs and cafés. A condo property that’s located in close proximity to some of these types of great amenities will be a major factor that will be worth your investment. Qualicum Woods Crossing is at the heart of West Ottawa, close to Bayshore, Pinecrest, and College Square for all your shopping and entertainment needs.


Welcoming Community

Meeting new people and feeling welcomed into a community is something that isn’t too common nowadays with the booming urban lifestyle. So when there is a community that is welcoming, inviting and social, it can speaks volumes for creating a truly profitable investment. Social gatherings, BBQs, and getting to actually know your neighbours – it’s a rare feature that would make any property stand out amongst the crowd.


Great Price

Of course, the price has to be right. Affordability is always an important factor to consider and one that can simply make or break a potential investment, no matter how great it may be.

At Qualicum Woods, you can bet that our condos entail all these great features and more. So if you’re serious about finding the perfect investment condo property, come speak with a representative today.

A Fall to Remember in Your Ottawa Condo

If you’re lucky enough to move into your new Ottawa condo during the fall, there’s no better time to host a housewarming party than now. With those warm colours, that fresh cool breeze, and pumpkins galore, this season, you have the perfect ingredients to get creative. So rally up your family and friends, and use these entertaining ideas to make this a fall to remember.


Get Festive

The fall time is all about being festive and embracing everything that’s colourful, warm, and fresh. So focus on key areas, such as your entranceway, to place creative fun, yet tasteful potted arrangements that bring out the true beauty of the fall harvest season.

Start thinking of potted mums, purple decorative cabbage and kale, and of course – pumpkins. If you want to take your arrangements to the next level, think about adding in a few bundles of hay to really create that fresh, autumn harvest décor.


Tasty Fall Apps

Of course, when family and friends do arrive, it’s always good to have a few great fall appetizers on hand. So start thinking about those fresh harvest root vegetables. Some of our favourites include: Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade, Eggplant Ratatouille, Fully-Loaded Sweet Potatoes, and of course, Roasted Spiced Pumpkin Seeds. We love browsing Pinterest to find new recipe inventions that tickle the taste buds and the creative spirit.


Baked Harvest Goods

Apple pie, pumpkin pie, strawberry rhubarb pie – all the goodness of fall wrapped up into the most delicious aromas and tasty goods. Nothing embodies the sweetness of fall more than warm, freshly baked pies. If you’re looking to take that autumn flavour to whole new level (while making your new condo smell like bakers’ heaven), add some baked harvest goods to the menu.


Fun and Games

Of course, where would any party be without some fun and games? No matter if it’s an adults-only get-together or if there will be children present, we all love to get a little silly now and then. You can set up a simple makeshift game of Bobbing for Apples, throw down a few games of Apple-to-Apples, or even a rowdy game of Headbands. These are great, inclusive games that will get everyone joining in.

Moving into your new Ottawa condo in the fall is the best time of year for hosting the family and friends for some celebratory fun. So get festive this season by embracing what fall has to offer.

Why Buy a New Condo in Ottawa?

If your weekends are consumed with household chores – mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, cleaning the gutters, repairing that leak in the roof – then maybe it’s time for you to consider condo living. Just imagine living a life of luxury, with your weekends free, and no To Do list a mile long with household repairs to take care of.  Condo living means you get to enjoy and embrace a life of convenience, quality, and freedom. Take back control of your time and do what you want to instead of what you have to. So if you’re still asking, “Should I buy a new condo in Ottawa?” here are some good reasons why you should:

More Affordable

Think of all of those daily, monthly, and annual repairs and maintenance tasks you have to either hire someone to do, or find the time and energy to do yourself. It’s time consuming, aggravating, and it can add up to significant costs over time. With condo living, you can eliminate all of that.

In addition, you can look forward to lower monthly payments compared to that expensive mortgage you’re struggling to pay for on your home. And by downsizing in space, you get to save on utilities, and you don’t have to waste money purchasing all of the necessary items that come along with homeownership.


The convenience of condos – on top of being affordable – are why so many people are choosing to trade in their homes for a better lifestyle. We’re talking about no more cutting the grass or having to perform annual inspections, no more money spent on repairing the fence or repainting the deck.

Aside from the convenient factor, most condos have premium amenities that you have access to. Whether it’s a swimming pool and sauna, exercise rooms and even entertainment and dining areas for party guests – you have access to all these and more located only steps away from your front door.

New Home and New Friends

The best part about living in a condo is the fact that you get to own it. So you get to personalize it just about any way you desire. You have the same freedom to get creative and tailor your home the way you want it.

And as you settle into your new condo building, you’re joining an entirely new community as well where you can meet your neighbours, join in on a class at the gym and make new friends.

So if you’re fed up with the hassle that comes along with owning a house, consider your options of buying a condo. They’re convenient, affordable, and give you back control over your time. It might just be the smartest move you’ve ever made.

Qualicum Woods Crossing condos offer a great lifestyle experience. Find out more about our VIP pricing!

Wood Accent Maintenance Tips

From that rustic barn-accented table to that vintage dresser that’s your prized antique find – you put a lot of time and money into finding the perfect pieces to bring character and style to your Ottawa condo. So it’s important to take care of them – especially when it involves wooden materials. When it comes to solid wood, in order to get the most out of it, you need to perform some frequent tasks in order to maintain it and keep it from warping or cracking. Here’s what to do:

Dust Everyday

Dust may seem harmless, but to your wooden furniture it’s can be its nemesis. Dust can work its way into those crevices, dry out the surface, and even cause scratches. So pick a day once a week to give it a quick dusting.

Use the Right Cleaning Product

Depending on the type of wood and finish you have, it’s important to use a cleaning product that’s designed for that particular surface. Don’t just use your regular run-of-the-mill product. Go to your local home décor supply store and look for one that will match your wooden surface. Ask for assistance if you’re unsure.

Protect the Surface

When you have guests or family over, get them in the habit of always using a coaster or mat for their drinks or plates. These are the most common items that can deface your precious furniture and leave scratches all over it in no time. So be prepared and always have a set of coasters in sight.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Just like any painting, you should try to keep your wooden accents out of direct sunlight. Over time the sun can cause exposed areas to fade quite significantly. If relocating a piece isn’t practical, try to use curtains that can block out or filter those rays from beaming in.

Stay on Top of Humidity

You know those days when it’s so humid out you just have to stick your head in the freezer to cool off – think of your wood! It suffers too. Humidity – just like dust – is also an enemy to any wooden features. It can easily cause it to warp and buckle. So try to always keep the humidity in your home between 40 and 45 percent. You can use a dehumidifier to help.

Your wooden furniture has to endure a lot each and everyday – from those water marks, and spills, to dust and humidity. These simple things can wreak havoc on your furniture. Just follow these simple maintenance tips to avoid excessive wear and tear and get the most out of them.

The Qualicum Woods Crossing team is proud to provide expert advice about Ottawa condo living. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 613-693-0808.

Is It Time To Buy a Condo?

Like many baby boomers, you may be experiencing empty nest at home. Your kids have all moved out, gone to college, or have started families of their own. Suddenly your big house feels empty and there are rooms that remain untouched for weeks at a time. There could be many mixed feelings about leaving the family home in the past, but here are five reasons why it might be time to buy a condo in Ottawa.

Too Much Space

You complain about having to clean rooms that haven’t seen visitors in a long time. Dust bunnies have overtaken the third and fourth bedrooms and the basement bathroom hasn’t been used in months. Suddenly checking to see what’s going on in unused rooms around your house has become a full-time job.

Excessive Energy Bills

Energy costs are high enough just for necessary rooms, but if you are paying to heat and cool rooms that are not even in regular use, your bills are going to continue to skyrocket.

Yard Work is Being Left Undone

The beautiful and spacious yard where all of your children had their first steps has now become an overgrown forest of weeds. Keeping the yard pristine is no longer a top priority. You would much rather enjoy a lemonade sitting in a comfortable chair on your back deck instead of pushing a lawn mower and weeding dandelions.

You Go to Other People’s Homes for Dinners

Christmas and Thanksgiving used to be at your house when your kids lived with you, but now they have houses of their own and want to start hosting the big events at their place. When the dining room was being used in your house multiple times a year by a large group of guests, it made sense to have a table for 12. But now that your kids have taken the reins on the big gatherings, it may be time to decrease the amount of seating necessary for the present time.

You are Hardly Ever There

If you have reached a point in your life where you can go on vacation whenever you like, then your house may be left empty for long periods of time. No matter how attentive your neighbors are, there is always the chance that disaster could strike inside the house while you’re away. It would be much nicer to simply lock your condo door and know that any major disasters will likely be detected by the other occupants of the condo building. Leaving for weeks or months at a time is no concern at all.

Condo living is an amazing rebirth for yourself. Enjoy the next stage of life without the constant upkeep of a big old house. Qualicum Woods Crossing features the best value and best priced condos in Ottawa. Get your copy of our e-brocure, Condo 101 Top Buying Tips!

A Room by Room Guide to Viewing a New Condo

Buying a condo can be really exciting. Perhaps it’s your first home as a homeowner, or perhaps you are downsizing and looking forward to a smaller, more compact living situation. Whatever your reason for buying a condo take your time and ask important questions to make a truly informed decision.

Take it room by room:

Living Room

Do you entertain often? Will your living room constantly be the congregation spot for your friends and family? If so, it better be large enough to house a few couches and seating chairs. What about Christmas time? Are you a decorating enthusiast who dreams about the Christmas tree in their living room all year round? Be certain that your living space will accommodate everything important to you. Smart storage options can help maximize space as well, so keep that in mind.


Oftentimes a bedroom doesn’t need to be as large as the rest of the living spaces since it ultimately only needs to accommodate a bed and some clothing storage options. Make sure the bedroom could fit whatever bed size you have or would like to have in the future.


First thing to consider is how many people will be sharing a bathroom. Bathroom sharing can be difficult if one person takes up considerably more room (or time!) in the bathroom than the other. Think about this when trying to decide whether a one or two bathroom unit is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Outdoor Space

Not all condos have it, but most will have some sort of outdoor space whether a private balcony or a shared courtyard, or maybe both. Think about what is important to you and be sure to think if the condo meets your needs.


Spend a lot of time looking in the kitchen when you are viewing a condo. Most new condos will have the upgraded works of granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and all the fixings to make your jaw drop when you enter it. But, all the luxury in the world will not help you if there is not enough counter space, or if the configuration does not work for you. During a viewing walk through the kitchen and pretend to be preparing a meal. Are the cupboards awkwardly positioned? Is there enough drawer space? These are things that are difficult to change in a condo so be sure to really love the kitchen before signing on the dotted line.

There are always questions to be asked when it comes to buying a condo. The more questions you ask the more informed your decision can be and the sooner you start living your happy new condo life! Get in touch with the Qualicum Woods Crossing sales team to have all your questions about buying a new condo in Ottawa answered!

What are the Benefits of Purchasing a Condo vs. Renting?

Are you debating whether to continuing renting an apartment or making an investment with a condo? Here are four compelling reasons to buy a condo:

Creative control

Renting an apartment is not the end of the world. There are lots of benefits and freedoms to renting. However, there are also lots of restrictions. For instance, have you ever been told as a tenant that you can’t put up a TV mount? Or that you are not permitted to paint the walls a certain colour? Purchasing a condo means that it becomes your space to be as creative as you want! Feel free to let your artistry shine on the living room walls. Put as many holes in the walls as you want, it’s ok because they’re your walls!

Pay your own mortgage, not someone else’s

Renting is a fantastic way to start out. From learning how to pay monthly bills to gathering all the furnishings necessary to live alone, renting is a great stepping stone to owning. But after a while it becomes annoying to be paying into someone else’s equity; to be paying someone else’s mortgage. When you feel you are ready to own your own place, buying a condo is a fantastic way to go. You will be implementing all the money management skills you’ve learned over the years into your own investment. You will be investing your money in yourself, not in someone else.

Begin establishing your credit to increase mortgage eligibility down the road

Perhaps condo living is not your final be all end all for dream houses, and that’s just fine! Owning a condo and paying a mortgage on that condo is the best way to ensure your eligibility for a higher mortgage in years to come. The dream house with the river view and three-car garage may be a few short years away, but you will certainly increase your mortgage eligibility for the larger place by having a good track record in place. Showing the bank that you can dutifully pay a mortgage is a stronger argument than paying rent.

Can cost the same in monthly bills as renting

Paying rent is not the only cost associated with renting a home, additional monthly bills can really start to add up. The added costs of hydro, gas, cable and internet services etc. can make budgeting difficult. Oftentimes you can pay the same or even less than rent for a mortgage on a condo. Purchasing a condo offers a great alternative to renting, especially if the cost would be incredibly comparable to that of renting. It can often be pleasantly surprising to discover that renting is not in fact cheaper than owning.
Are you ready to buy a condo in Ottawa? Qualicum Woods Crossing’s charming collection of condos and terrace homes is the perfect fit!

4 Tips to Save Money on Your Utility Bills This Summer

Living in a new condo has many advantages, from the amenities to the close knit community to the modern design. Typically, another benefit with condo living is that you can expect utility bills to be more manageable than in a single family home. Still, there are ways you can work diligently to further reduce the monthly hit on your wallet so you can redirect those funds elsewhere. Margarita night, anyone?

Unplug Unnecessary Items

This may seem like a silly practice, but it’s not only true, it’s effective. When you are done using a small appliance, such as your coffee maker, simply unplug it when you are finished. It is very easy to plug back in when you want to use it again. By unplugging small appliances that do not require power 100% of the time – not your refrigerator, definitely do not unplug your refrigerator – you can see gradual decreases in your hydro bill. Even if something isn’t in “running” mode, if it’s plugged in it is costing you hydro. Though you don’t have to unplug electronics like your TV or stereo, make sure they are fully turned off when not in use, not just in standby mode.

Turn Off the A/C

Because your condo is a cozier space, it’s easier to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter without breaking the bank. You might be accustomed to an air-conditioned lifestyle but even in a small space, air conditioning costs money. Try opening a window at each end of your condo and creating a cross breeze. Standing fans use less hydro than air conditioners and are easy to transport from room to room. Keep the air conditioning down and your hydro bill will stay down with it.

Invest in High-Efficiency Appliances

High efficiency appliances not only benefit your monthly utility bill but they tend to provide better function in general over older appliances. By investing in a new energy-efficient washer and dryer set for instance, you will use less money in hydro and your clothes will complete a clean and dry cycle in half the time of its ten-year old predecessors.

Turn Lights Off When You Leave the Room

Your mother has been saying this since you were old enough to reach the light switch and it’s still just as relevant today. It is easy to travel from room to room and leave the lights on, but those lights often do not get turned off and that greatly impacts your hydro bill at the end of the month. Use the natural light provided by windows during the day and keep tabs on your light usage at night. There is no need to be wasteful, and remember that your mother is always right, especially about turning the lights off when you leave a room!
It’s easy to conserve energy if you pay attention to your consumption. You do not need to lower your quality of life to achieve smaller utility bills, just simply be conscious of your actions.
Hot summer days are always better when you live at Qualicum Woods Crossing, Ottawa West’s favourite new condo community! Our one bedroom condos, two bedroom condos, and terrace homes are the best value condos in Ottawa!

Storage Solutions for Condo Owners

Moving from a house to a West Ottawa condo provides a wonderful opportunity to purge those corners of your house that haven’t been touched in years. But it is impossible to get rid of everything, even for a downsizing move, so it’s important to be savvy with your storage options. Having less square footage doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the things you love or the amount of Christmas decorations you wish to hold on to. Here are some tips on how to maximize your storage while living in a condo.

Have as Many Multi-Purpose Items as Possible

Having an ottoman in your living space is a fantastic option for smaller rooms. It provides a table top for drinks and food and provides an extra comfy seat for when you have guests over. Don’t just choose any ottoman, though. Opt for one with a built-in storage bin. Not only can you use it to store odds and ends, but it keeps these little items out of sight so your condo stays tidy. A tidy home always looks and feels larger.

Use Under the Bed for Off-Season Storage

Living in Ottawa we experience the beauty of cold winters and hot summers. These conditions allow us to have a multitude of various wardrobe items that are not necessary half of the year. A great place to store the off-season items is under the bed. Put your winter coats, snow pants, and bulky sweaters in either vacuum seal bags or cloth zippered storage bags and simply slide them under the bed. As all bed frame heights differ, it’s easier to use vacuum seal or cloth zippered storage bags because then you are not limited to the structure size of a Rubbermaid bin. Once they are safely under your bed you won’t have to worry about sharing your winter closet space with your flowery sundresses. And it will not be a case of “out of sight out of mind” because without fail the snow will always return and with it the need to bundle up warm.

Invest in Floating Shelves

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a spectacular book display with your well-thumbed copies of The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice, but bookshelves can take up a lot of floor space. Floating shelves provide you with the option to place a book shelf anywhere there is wall space without interrupting the floor space. They also offer more options when it comes to style as they can be staggered or meticulously stacked. Floating shelves can create a great space to display pictures and keep sake items for our loved ones to view and enjoy. You can explore your creativity and design styles while displaying your prized collections; all without compromising on floor space!

A new condo is a blank slate for you to creatively showcase your life’s journey. Allow storage solutions to become a part of your design, instead of a hurdle to get over, and be proud to show off your new home.

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo

So you have decided to buy a condo in Ottawa… what’s next? It’s important to ask questions and make an informed decision regarding the largest purchase of your life. We don’t always know what to ask until after the fact, so here are five great questions to ask when buying a condo.

Question 1: What do my condo fees pay for?

Condo fees are a part of condo lifestyle, but be certain you know what those fees entitle you to as an owner. By knowing in advance what is included with your condo fees, you will be able to make an informed decision as to which condo community is best suited to your needs. For example, condos geared toward young urban professionals may have different services covered compared with an adult lifestyle community. Prior knowledge also eliminates surprises down the road should a major repair need to be addressed that is not covered under the scope of condo fees.

Question 2: Can my voice be heard?

Is there a condo board I can be a part of should I wish to be? If being involved and having a say in the running of the condo community you live in something of importance to you, you should ask if there is a board you are eligible to join.

Question 3: Are there enforceable rules I need to be aware of?

This is both preventative and proactive information to have. If you are having a get together that runs into the late hours of the morning and are causing quite a bit of noise, it would be advantageous to know of any quiet hours that are enforced within the condo so as to be compliant and keep the peace with the neighbours! Likewise, it is good to know that your wishes are protected if you prefer a bit of peace and quiet.

Question 4: Who is the builder?

The pride of the builder should be evident throughout all areas of the condo. A builder with integrity who stands behind their name will answer any questions and offer information relating to the design that prove to be important to a potential buyer. After all, you are buying their product and they should want you to be happy with your purchase.

Question 5: What are the garbage disposal regulations?

Each condo building will have a different way of collecting trash and you want to be sure it’s a system that works for you. Depending on your age or position in life, having to haul your garbage across the grounds to a communal garbage disposal area would be helpful information to have prior to the purchase.

Asking questions and educating yourself on the ins and outs of condo living is the only way to make a truly informed decision. If you have any questions at all about living at Qualicum Woods Crossing, the best valued condos in Ottawa, get in touch!