A Quick Guide to Settling Into Your New Condo

Settling into a new condo in Ottawa can be exciting. You are starting a new chapter in your life, and with your new property purchase and investment, things can be really looking up. Nevertheless, purchasing real estate and moving can be stressful life events, even though they are also positive and exciting. Stress can make it easier to overlook or forget about key details that are important, so here is a quick guide to settling into your new Qualicum Woods condo!


Make necessary transfers

Are you going to be living in the condo exclusively, or dividing your time between the condo and another residence? Get your mail forwarded, or contact the post office to find out what you need to do to divide your mail between the two locations. Contact local utilities to get your electricity, water, and other amenities turned on. Nothing is worse than trying to settle into a home with no utilities.


Prepare for a chaotic move

You’ve closed on your Ottawa condo, and now you’re moving. Gather up receipts, and other important documents, including paperwork from realtors, utilities, the post office, and tax records. Place all of these in a centralized location, such as a labeled envelope or file folder, so that you do not misplace or accidentally discard anything that you will need later. Bonus tip: take photos of important documents and use cloud storage for easy access no matter where you are.


Plan your move

Do you need a mover, or will you just rent a truck? It’s up to you, but you’ll want to plan ahead and make arrangements for your things getting to the condo. If you’re keeping two residences, you may want to consider buying new furniture for the condo, but if you’re moving your things, it’s important to plan ahead.


Do a final walkthrough

Check everything in your new condo before you start moving things in. Check light fixtures, outlets, appliances, locks, and keys, to make sure that everything is in good working order. If you find that things are out of order or missing, check with the management of the condo or the realtor you have been working with in closing the deal.


Get to Know the Community

When you purchase a new Qualicum Woods condo, you are getting more than a home – you are becoming part of a community. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the amenities like the fitness centre and gym. Tour around the beautiful walking paths and natural space with the Dharma Pond and Zen Falls. Meet and greet with neighbours!


Decorate your space

Now that you’ve taken care of the business end of documentation, transfers, and inspections, you’ve reached the fun part – personalizing your condo! You can research websites, magazines, and even visit neighbors for ideas, but settling into your new condo by decorating and personalizing your home is one of the fastest, most fun ways to feel at home and settled in your new home. Once you decorate, the reality of your new condo will really begin to settle in.

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