4 Tips to Save Money on Your Utility Bills This Summer

Living in a new condo has many advantages, from the amenities to the close knit community to the modern design. Typically, another benefit with condo living is that you can expect utility bills to be more manageable than in a single family home. Still, there are ways you can work diligently to further reduce the monthly hit on your wallet so you can redirect those funds elsewhere. Margarita night, anyone?

Unplug Unnecessary Items

This may seem like a silly practice, but it’s not only true, it’s effective. When you are done using a small appliance, such as your coffee maker, simply unplug it when you are finished. It is very easy to plug back in when you want to use it again. By unplugging small appliances that do not require power 100% of the time – not your refrigerator, definitely do not unplug your refrigerator – you can see gradual decreases in your hydro bill. Even if something isn’t in “running” mode, if it’s plugged in it is costing you hydro. Though you don’t have to unplug electronics like your TV or stereo, make sure they are fully turned off when not in use, not just in standby mode.

Turn Off the A/C

Because your condo is a cozier space, it’s easier to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter without breaking the bank. You might be accustomed to an air-conditioned lifestyle but even in a small space, air conditioning costs money. Try opening a window at each end of your condo and creating a cross breeze. Standing fans use less hydro than air conditioners and are easy to transport from room to room. Keep the air conditioning down and your hydro bill will stay down with it.

Invest in High-Efficiency Appliances

High efficiency appliances not only benefit your monthly utility bill but they tend to provide better function in general over older appliances. By investing in a new energy-efficient washer and dryer set for instance, you will use less money in hydro and your clothes will complete a clean and dry cycle in half the time of its ten-year old predecessors.

Turn Lights Off When You Leave the Room

Your mother has been saying this since you were old enough to reach the light switch and it’s still just as relevant today. It is easy to travel from room to room and leave the lights on, but those lights often do not get turned off and that greatly impacts your hydro bill at the end of the month. Use the natural light provided by windows during the day and keep tabs on your light usage at night. There is no need to be wasteful, and remember that your mother is always right, especially about turning the lights off when you leave a room!
It’s easy to conserve energy if you pay attention to your consumption. You do not need to lower your quality of life to achieve smaller utility bills, just simply be conscious of your actions.
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